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Ghanaian Musicians Have Poor Streams Because Of High Cost Of Internet Data – Bulldog

Artist Manager, Bulldog has claimed that,  high cost of internet data is a big problem leading to Ghanaian musicians’ poor performance on digital streaming platforms.

According to him, telecoms companies recent increase in network costs has had a huge impact on Ghanaian musicians.


Bulldog claims expensive data is the causing low stream of Ghanaian musicians’ songs 

Bulldog explained the challenges that fans experience when trying to afford internet access to stream their favourite musicians’ songs is due to excessive data charges.

He further stressed that, despite high data costs, internet reception across various telecommunications networks in Ghana always underperforms, ranking among the poorest in the world.

“Nobody is sitting in Tarkwa or wherever where the network is even bad there will stream your music. Look we are in Accra and you know Accra is the hub and everybody make wild dey go find something. How many people will be streaming music?


“However, let’s imagine that in other areas, when people want to stream music while unwinding, the device won’t even start, and you’ll notice that your 10 cedi worth of data has been erased. Who is going to give that a try?

“These are the facts, let’s talk about the matters. Once you check your streams, you’ll see that everything is external. If you check, the cost of data is the reason we don’t stream our music.

“The majority of the artists’ streams come from outside sources, if their analytics are accurate. Ghanaians residing overseas,” Bulldog remarked.

In other news, Shatta Wale and Medikal, joined by friends, recently made a raucous entrance into an Accra nightclub, where they pleased fans by showering money on them.

The spontaneous gathering occurred as a DJ continued to play Shatta Wale’s songs during their time at the club.

Shatta Wale, Medikal, and their friends, enthralled by the music, happily joined in the merriment.

The “On God” singer excitedly approached people dancing to the music and freely threw money at them.

After watching the video, social media users shared their opinions, with many praising Shatta Wale’s connection with youths on the streets and noting how he continually gives back to them.

SOURCE: hellovybes.com