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You don’t bring uncooked beef to see a lion


Multiple award winning Dancehall artist, sends a strong warning to his rival in their ongoing beef.

Tagging himself as a lion, the Gringo hitmaker is subtly making a statement that isn’t prepared for a clash with him because he will end up murdering him.

“You bring uncooked beef to zoo to come see Lion 🦁 okayyyyyyyyy” shatta wrote

Explaining his tweet, we all know Lions eat only fresh meats and any silly attempt to approach a lion with an uncooked meat could well mean the end of your life.

This is not the first time the two artists are dirtying each other on social media, with the earlier one years ago ending up in a song for song diss. The intensity in their Twitter jabs today could mean there’s something bigger ahead of us coming from their respective studios soon.

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