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“You Can See The Future Of Ghana Music Is Bright When You Look At Black Sherif” – Manifest

Musician Sherif Ismail Mohammed, better known as Black Sherif, has received praise from Ghanaian rapper Kwame Tsikata, better known as Manifest, for his constancy in the creative arts sector with regard to his personal branding.

He believes that Black Sherif’s achievements, including his early BET award, show that Ghanaian music has a bright future and that more talent will be discovered to support the expansion of the music business.

The rapper praised Black Sherif for being loyal to himself and resisting pressure from the music industry to change his brand.

He feels that this has enabled him to rise to greater heights on the international scene and assisted in his efforts to establish himself in the music industry.

“I have something to say about the musicians. It has already taken place. Without a doubt, Black Sharif is one of them. In addition to being brilliant, he is obviously conscious of his age and is pursuing his destiny. I’ve seen him talk in interviews, and I’ve noticed a consistent improvement.