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YAWA!!! Big Br3@st Of Lady Pops Out Of Her Dress As She Takes Part In Stonebwoy’s #NominateChallenge (VIDEO)

The big bre@st of a beautiful young lady popped out of her dress as she took part in NominateChallenge by Stonebwoy.
Stonebwoy has got people contenting in his #NominateChallenge on the Triller app for the winner to be rewarded $1,000.

Just yesterday, a lovely video saw Stonebwoy, his wife Dr. Louisa, and their children also taking part in the #NominateChallenge.

The video was such a beautiful one as the family of the musician battled in out in a dance to the ‘Nominate’ song featuring Keri Hilson.The fans of Stonebwoy have since been active in the challenge all over social media and its getting interesting.

The #NominateChallenge is trending number two on Twitter at the moment and many are loving it seeing beautiful ladies dance to the song.Unfortunately for one of the ladies who have taken part in the NominateChallenge by Stonebwoy, her video did not go well.

A video captures the lady jamming to Stonebwoy’s “Nominate” song and showing her melons to the world.The video was posted on Twitter and has since been trending on other social media platforms.The lady has come out to explain that it wasn’t her intention to post the video on the platform.

According to her, she wanted to save it and make it a private video but people are still retweeting the photos.




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