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Watch Video:: Boys share Girls as they engage comprehensive sexual activity in a classroom

It appears that even with or without comprehensive sexual education, students will always devise their means of equipping themselves.

A disturbing video has emerged online which shows some secondary school boys and girls passionately kissing and fondling one another in a classroom like nobody’s business.

In the viral video, the boys seem to have shared the girls among themselves and are seen romancing them as if it was a group assignment which requires every member’s full participation.

It is not clear immediately where the incident took place and who filmed it but some media reports suggest that it happened in one of Nigerian school.

Watch video below:

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10 secondary school students spotted involving in deep romance ____ Amidst trending stories of sex for marks in higher institutions and efforts of government at all levels to curb such ridiculous act, a video of some secondary school students engaging in a deep romance session has surfaced on social media. Inside the 59 seconds video, 10 students (5 boys and 5 girls) could be seen involving in deep romance at the corners of a four wall classroom of a yet-to-be identified school. The name of the school is unknown likewise the time of the incident owing to absence of time stamp or any information that would put the situation on limelight However, the students were aware that they were being recorded yet continue in their making out session.

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