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Videos Of 2 SHS Girls Twerking & Shaking Their Bum Bum Is Taking Over The Internet

Herh Jack! Oflate the kiddies the things dem dey do for secondary school err, ego shock you! (Pardon this line—LOL)

Two videos are inundating the Ghanaian social media space and it’s left many in shock. The videos circulating are two video of SHS students twerking and the way they twerk, it’s not only sexually provocative but makes one question where and why they learned how to do that.

We don’t know the schools the two videos came from yet. It would have been soul-stirring to watch them twerk but they are young girls, so we can’t take delight in doing so.

I mean, we can’t judge them because we all used to do this back in SHS when we are bored and wan to do something for our friends to enjoy but theirs have leaked, so now everyone can watch it and pass judgements.

Watch the first below of the girl twerking in the classroom—Who the heck is the other girl SMASHING her bum?? LOL







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