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(Video) Slayqueen goes nakk£d on live video to rain curses on ex-boyfriend for leaking her atopa tape

Many at times, girls make too many mistakes and later regret in life. There have been countless of atopa tapes that get leaked every day and it seems lessons are not learned.

The victims, been the girls usually end up been socially isolated but this slayqueen whose video got leaked by her ex-boyfriend took matters into her own hands and delt with it sprirtually.

The slayqueen in the video below could be seen raining curses on a man who leaked her s£kx tape.

In the video, the unidentified slayqueen she stripped nak£d, dragged her buttocks on the floor and cursed the man she mentioned as Kelvin Brown for sharing her atopa tape online.

According to her, the lady in the s£kx tape was not her and has no knowledge about it; hence her rage on Kelvin who she claimed have been following her on Snapchat and shares her photos on his Facebook timeline with unrealistic captions.

The peeved Slayqueen cursed the man with death for disgracing her on social media.




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