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Video Of St. Louis Girl Ayisha ‘Winding & Shaking’ Her Waist Pops Up

There’s no popular girl on the internet in Ghana today than Ayisha. She’s gone viral after a video of her been chopped down by 2 boys was leaked last night.

Ghbase.com reported that, the video was made sometime last year and the one who recorded decided to keep it and used it as a blackmail too to demand sex and money from her every time and the person leaked it when Ayisha told him she was tired of giving him sex and money just so he wouldn’t leak the video.

While some feel although Aisha, 19 was just abused by those boys because she was naive, some feel, she knew what she was in for because she’s a ‘bad’ girl.

Hours after her tape had gone viral, another video has emerged and it sees her dancing erotically. What has pissed most people off after seeing this video is the fact that, she pulls down her pants to show her part of her butt in the video.

Watch the new video of Ayisha, the St.Louis Girl dancing below




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