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Video of South African Slay Queen dancing for Nigerian men in Cape Town goes viral

South Africans have taken to micro-blogging platform twitter with the hashtag #NigeriaMustFall.

First it was Xenophobic attacks then draggings and fights on social media and now, South Africans have decided to shenk Nigerians again, with the hashtag #NigeriaMustFall.

The trend began after a video surfaced online of a South African lady tw£rking hardly for some Nigerian men.

In the video that has saturated the South African social media space, the lady could be seen strip teasing for a group of Nigerian men living in Cape Town.

The group was having some sort of gyration in their spacious living room and could be heard communicating in the Yoruba Language.

As the video went viral, reports filled the air that the lady was drugged by the men in the video and was doing all she did out of her will and under influence.

This angered South African tweeps and they came out in their thousands to drag them.

South Africans reacting to the video claimed that Nigerians in the country should leave as they do nothing but influence them negatively.

One user wrote: “Bloody Nigerians drugging our sisters”

Well, watch the WATCH VIDEO

Source: Atinkanwes.net




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