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Video: Man Gives His Cheating Girlfriend A Painful Heartbreak After Finding Out His Daughter Isn’t His But His Next Door Neighbors

You would recall that we reported a few minutes ago about a young lady getting the shock of her life after her boyfriend found out that the daughter they both had is not his.

The young man started the whole exposure as a surprise, and guess what, he handed his gorgeous girlfriend a bag with gifts.

The lady in question opened the bag and her first surprise was wine she literally disclosed as one of her favorites. She opened several other bags before getting to the main thing which was the DNA result confirming the paternity of their daughter.

She was shocked and surprised to realize that her boyfriend went that extra mile to get the truth. In as much as she admitted to cheating, she told her boyfriend that their daughter still sees her as the father but the angry young man seems to have made up his mind by asking his girlfriend to pack out of his home at the end of the month.

In the latest video which has been sighted by our outfit, a young black man could be seen walking his girlfriend all in the name of surprising her but guess what, they went inside their next-door neighbor’s apartment to get the surprise started.

Upon getting there, the Blackman revealed to her girlfriend that he is aware their daughter is not his and that she has been having an affair with the caucasian man who happens to be the owner of the apartment they are in and seated right in front of them.

Though the men had a bit of an argument it did not escalate into anything big. The black man went ahead and brought out his phone and guess what, he showed a picture of his daughter showing the resemblance between the caucasian man just to prove his point. I strongly think he should have gotten a DNA test done.

Check out the video below for the full list;


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