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VIDEO ‘If you are a guy with a smaller p$$$nis, broke, can’ t go long journey & don’t have 6 packs, we won’t have s33x with you ‘ – Ghanaian SHS Girls says

The rate at which the Ghanaian Senior High School is gradually falling in standards is so bad.

For some time now, teenagers at some key Senior High Schools have been taken away by social media.

A few days ago, some 7 Ejisuman upcoming slay queens had their videos leaked into the public domain.

In the video, they entreated their colleagues to allow their boyfriends to have adequate sex with them.

According to them, there are a lot of contraceptives that can prevent one from getting pregnant hence the ladies should learn how to use it instead of keeping their virginity.

Their utterance caused them to be dismissed by the school authorities.

In a new video trending, some new SHS Girls could be heard disclosing their specs in men.

Some were; ‘if a guy doesn’t have 6 packs, isn’t rich or has got enough bedroom stamina’, then they can’t have sex.

They even said if the guy doesn’t have 5k in his account then he should forget having sex with them.

Eii Awurade.

Watch the video below:




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