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Tw£rk queen sherlyne Anyango causes stir as she trembles her huge derriere in new videos

Hustle in Africa is real and Slay Queens are taking it a notch higher even if it means walking on an electric wire.

Former Citizen Tv worker Sherlyne Anyango now turned socialite is working hard to live large like other top notch socialites Vera Sidika and Huddah Munroe.

The well-endowed Kenyan lady quit her job at Citizen TV to become a high end flesh peddler who entertains rich men on her social media accounts with s£ductive dances moves as they pay her.

She recently bragged that the highest amount of money that she has ever made in a night entertaining s£x starved men online through Mpesa tips is a whooping Ksh 225,000 ( $2,080.07).

Sherlyne keeps men busy on her Instagram page through juicy videos and in these latest videos, she displays her w¶ist sh¶king skills and trembles her gargantuan derriere like an earth mover.

It was interesting to see and men stayed glued throughout the controversial show that raised parental eyebrows…

Well, you have get a chance to watch her videos that some people are paying hundreds of dollars for free here on Atinkanews.net…. lol





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