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This Man Did Ghanaians April F00l – Peeps React To Video Of Sonnie Badu Dancing On Stage Without His Crutches During His Concert

During his Rhythmz Concert held at the Grand Arena in Accra, Sonnie Badu shocked the majority of Ghanaians by performing without his crutches.

Sonnie Badu had earlier on posted a video of himself in the hospital undergoing a surgical procedure on his leg after suffering a domestic accident.

The UK-based Ghanaian Gospel musician opened up about his domestic accident that forced him to undergo a major surgical procedure.

Speaking to Bola Ray in a recent interview, Sonnie Badu revealed that, his accident wasn’t ordinary.

According to him, it was a spiritual attack meant to take his life so that he wouldn’t be able to fulfill the purpose why he came to Ghana.

However, while performing on stage, Sonnie Badu didn’t use his crutches and neither did he limp. This made people wonder if he faked the who accident to garner public sympathy for his concert.

See the video of him performing below;