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There is going to be an attack on Nigel Gaisie, Agyine Asare and Myself – Badu Kobi

The founder and leader of Glorious Waves Church International, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi has revealed that there would be an attack on the lives of some prophets and men of God in the country this year.

Speaking with his congregation during his 31st Crossover service, the man of God told them that God revealed to him the lives of some men of God are in danger and hence the need for them to be careful.

According to him, these men of God are the founder of Perez Chapel International Bishop Charles Agyinasare, Prophet Nigel Gaisie of the Prophetic Hill Chapel and he himself.

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He went on to state that the attack would not be carried out by Ghanaians but rather foreign nationals who have been given photos of the people and the instructions on what to do with them.

Prophet Badu Kobi added that in the meeting to get these men of God attacked, there were prominent politician and pastors.

The preacher concluded that God told him there was nothing going to happen to them.