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The Memories You Create With Your Loved Ones Is What Truly Matters- Euchari Anunobi


According to the actress turned evangelist, the day you realize that the cars and things of this world mean nothing but the memories and good moments created with loved ones is what truly matters, that would be the day you have started living a meaningful life.

She quoted a text of the scripture to buttress her point about vanity in this world. Her fans were happy to hear such powerful words from her as they slid under her post and reacted.

She captioned her post as: The day you really realise that all is vanity : the designer clothes, shoes, jewellery, expensive cars , exotic houses , your status, position and comprehend that it is the beautiful times and memories you create and have with your loved ones is what truly matters , then YOU HAVE STARTED LIVING THE LIFE !!!!
If you’re still in doubt ask those who are sick and have no one to get them a hot cup of lemon tea with honey !!!!
Ecclesiastes 12 : 8

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