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‘The Disrespect. It’s Racist Actually’


The renowned South African entertainment commentator who is well noted for given exclusive news revealed that this company wants him to work for free whiles others especially Americans are making millions on the platform.

He made this known in a recent social media post saying;

“A company worth almost R1 TRILLION wants to have my content for free. Nagana. Americans are making millions of dollars with their content on that platform but for an African they want content for free. The disrespect. It’s racist actually.”

Kgopolo Mphela in a recent post advised all Mzansi celebrities in his latest post.

According to him, some people who are representing these celebrities are sabotaging the brands and relationships of these celebrities with their attitude.

He, therefore, advised these celebrities to normalize asking people about their managers and Public Relation persons.

To buttress his point, he gave an example saying there is a rapper whose manager is such an unpleasant humanbeing adding that he wonders if this rapper knows.

His post reads;

“Normalize asking people about your manager or PR person. Some people who are representing you, are sabotaging your brand & relationships with their attitude. There is a rapper whose manager is such an unpleasant humanbeing. I wonder if the rapper knows. Just a thought.”

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