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Slay Queen Dies Moments After Twerking And Chilling With Her “Yahoo” Boyfriend.| Watch Video

A beautiful slay queen whose identity eye witness was not able to disclose to A2zgh.com has been found dead in cold blood after a video of her twerking for some young men and partying with them hit online.
Few hours to her untimely demise, the slay queen was seen in a video that has gone viral on the internet twerking hard and happily partying.

In the same video which was shared, were some young men believed to be ‘Game Boys’ who were with the lady.

In the video, the lady who was full of life could be seen crazily dancing and clapping her soft backside to the background music.

One of the young men, who was seated was seen putting his head on the lady’s backside whiles playing with her softback.


slay queen found dead

Soon after she left the party scene, the slay queen, dressed in a yellow low-cost Gucci straight dress was found dead.


She was seen on the floor in what appears to be the middle of a road in a cold blood while she was still in her attire.


What Africanshowbizz.com cannot confirm is the cause of her death. However, eye witness says that they met her in her blood.



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