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Slay Queen Ama Korea Goes WILD As She Dances In A Tiny Pa$$nt (Video)

Snapchat queen Ama Korea seems to be entertaining lots of people on there these days and we just couldn’t help but gossip about it here with you.

If you are hearing her name for the first time, she’s not just a slay queen, but also a sekz entertainer, who plies her trade on the Social media platform.

It’s surprising to see the number of people who follow her, just so they can have a peep at all the kind of things she shows on there.

It’s also no secret that, Snapchat has become a place for most girls to practice subtle prostitution in the country, by posting all sorts of n*de videos and photos of themselves to attract men who secretly inbox them and pay as high as Ghc2,000 for some few minutes of sekz.

Checks by Africanshowbizz.com shows that, the new ones or unpopular ones charge Ghc100-Ghc500 for short time, while the ones with much following charge between Ghc1000-Ghc5,000.

You may see it as expensive but there are several others who pay. Some also pay these girls for video calls, so they can jerk off. You will be surprised to learn some of the things that go on there.

Watch a video of Slay Queen winding her waist to promote her sekz dresses.




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