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Sight of crime scene haunts us – family of murdered 10-yr-old boy [Audio]


10-yr-old boy murdered at Kasoa
The suspects

The family of 10-year-old Ishmael Mensah who was murdered by two teens at Kasoa Coca-Cola in the Central Region says they are “haunted” by the sight of the crime scene.

Samed Akilelu, an uncle of the deceased made this known in an interview with Kwesi Asempa on Adom FM’s morning show, Dwaso Nsem Wednesday.

Samed’s interview comes just a day after the two suspects made their maiden appearance in court.

The duo, per a police charge sheet, admitted to killing Ishmael by hitting his neck with a shovel and cement block.


This was after they had succeeded in luring him into an uncompleted building under the guise of selling a video game to him at what has now become the crime scene.

This development has incensed a large segment of the Ghanaian society who are calling for an end to the appearance of spiritualists and Mallams on television who promise unreasonable get-rich-quick avenues for the unsuspecting youth.

Mr Akilelu said the family was emotionally drained, especially when the crime scene is just about 50 metres away from their family house.

He confirmed that the mother of the deceased boy who is his sister has proposed a relocation from the area because of the proximity of the crime scene from their home.

“This issue is emotionally challenging for us [the family] and since the murder happened right behind our house, it’s been very difficult for the parents, especially when you see the shovel and blocks they used for the murder, it keeps scaring us,” he said.

He added that any moment they look outside the house and see the uncompleted building [the crime scene], it haunts them.

“Once they continue to live in that house, it evokes those emotions so I understand when my sister says she wants to leave the area. Our family house is close to the uncompleted building where Ishmael was murdered,” he explained.

Mr Akilelu said the family is resolved to go every length to ensure that the truth prevails and the teenagers jailed.

Listen to Samed’s interview with Kwesi Asempa below:

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