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She’s Joking with her Health – Fans React to Video of Abena Korkor Seriously Inhaling Nitrous Oxide In A Club

Abena Korkor has caused a stir after a video of her indiscriminately inhaling nitrous oxide in a club popped up online.

Korkor in the video is seen puffing the incredibly dangerous chemical, also known as laughing gas, from a balloon.

The bipolar activist was in a club and seemed to be having too good of a time.

Funny enough, her experience ended on an extremely bad note when she was accosted by security at the venue to pay for Ghch 2,000 worth of laughing gas she had consumed.

Korkor refused to pay for the gas and rather caused a scene at the venue.

Reacting to all this, social media users said Abena Korkor is completely destroying her own life with her actions.

Speaking on the dangers of nitrous oxide, one netizen said: “Nitrous Oxide (N20) aka laughing gas. When one inhales it, it presumably creates a feeling of calmness, relaxation and extreme happiness. I vividly recall the FDA issuing caution about it some months ago. The effects of inhaling it are dire. Some of the effects are paralysis, brain/nerve damage, hallucinations and severe headache,”

Watch Abena Korkor’s antics below…