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‘Shatta Wale Is My Leftover And You Went For Him’ – Michy ‘Fights’ Efia Odo

Efia Odo and Michy are currently trending online after being featured in the recent upcoming film, ‘GH Queens’ season 2 film.

A heated confrontation unfolded between Efia Odo and Michy in the trailer, where the Movement Tv presenter referred to Shatta Wale as a ‘leftover’

The argument started following a debate in the trailer, during which Michy claimed that Efia Odo was in a relationship with Shatta Wale.

Michy, Shatta Wale’s ex-girlfriend and mother of his son Majesty, accused Efia Odo of having an affair with him while she (Michy) was still in a relationship with the dancehall artist.

However, Efia Odo, 30, vehemently denied Michy’s accusations, asserting, “You are the leftover…You got leftover.”

In response to Michy’s accusations Efia Odo emphasised that she does not follow Michy on social media and that they are not on talking terms at the moment.

She questioned Michy’s intelligence, expressing surprise at her lack of understanding about the reasons for their strained relationship.

In contrast, Michy expressed her desire to avoid engaging in a heated argument with Efia Odo. She said, emphasising her determination to keep a calm demeanour amidst the tension between them, stating, “I do not want to lose my breath because you feel you are sleeping with my ex (Shatta Wale), so we should be rivals.”


Efia Odo and  Wale Relationship Timline

Efia Odo and Shatta Wale had a terrific relationship while they were together and were believed to be having a romantic affair since 2017. They experienced a breakup in 2020 after a report claimed that the SM the boss had snatched Odo’s business partner.

Since their separation, the video vixen has been spoken about her dismay with Wale in subsequent interviews, stating that her friendship with the On God singer disappointed her and was toxic, thus she is not ready to let it go as well.

The rationale behind this claim is unknown because the actress has yet to reveal openly what happened after their alleged ‘dating’ breakdown.