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Shatta Wale Almost Broke My Legs With A Wild Position During Love Making – Michy

Shatta Wale and Michy’s love life is what could be described as a love brewed in controversy. The Award Winning Dancehall star and his baby mama have been on and off as a couple for a while now.

Shatta Wale even composed a song for Michy just to celebrate her birthday earlier this year and Michy in return wrote a very touching message with a unique gift to mark his birthday.

Shatta was in the studios of 3FM this morning November 2 and while talking about his love life, Shatta stated he has been extremely romantic to all the women he dated.

In order to confirm if he was indeed romantic to his girls, his baby mama Michy was called on phone and while speaking, Michy said; “Shatta is a good guy. He can be very annoying but he is generally a sweet guy and when he wants to be romantic, he is very romantic. There was one time we tried to do a very silly sex position and Shatta almost broke my legs…we ended up at the hospital.. the doctor even asked us if we liked practicing weird sex positions”. She hilariously narrated.

Shatta went ahead to advise young men to always try to understand the women they are with before jumping into conclusion. He stated that women are complicated species that need a lot of time and affection to be able to function properly.

With the way the former love birds still care about each other, it won’t be a big surprise if they come back together.




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