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“School Son Dey Enjoy” Leaked chat between lady and alleged ‘school son’ causes buzz online

A leaked WhatsApp chat between a young lady and her ‘school son’ has caused a serious buzz on Twitter.

This is coming shortly after the lady identified as @narnarh_amal posted a video that sparked rumours of a romantic relationship between her and her ‘school son.’

The video which she shared via her account showed them romantically holding each other while inside an elevator, leading netizens to claim that they were lovers.

However, in a bid to clarify the nature of their relationship, the lady posted screenshots of their conversation, insisting that they shared a neutral relationship.

In the screenshot, her ‘school son’ wrote; “I love you okay. Let’s disturb them, they think we are in a relationship, I like it that way.”

Sadly, despite the lady’s attempt to clarify the situation with the WhatsApp conversation screenshot, many netizens in the comments section remain unconvinced.

@nxtepe commented: “See the wallpaper you can’t fool us.”

@DarryIRMFC said: “You think we are like 12 hours old on here, look at ya wallpaper.”

@misi_the said: “After being a stubborn son” Imaoo man has done certain things.”

@skillzxtimi said: “Why is he holding your bumbum or the wallpaper? Oti do e aye baje.”

@Kasoa Tom Cruise said: “He chop or he no chop?”

@skillzxtimi reacted: “Sha bend well anytime he needs you.”

@SANTORINI reacted: “You go explain tire.”

@charlie_1249 said: “Charlie of Warri. fanfooler una. My man don chew this babe anyhow.”