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‘Salinko Is A Wife Beater’- Funny Face Drops Secrets (+Video)


Kasoa Vandamme has hurled unprintable words at Salinko who tried to advise him on his incessant verbal attacks on the police since the nasty incident he had with them recently.

Oboe Salinko told Funny Face in a video he shared on Instagram on Thursday that the series of videos Funny Face has been uploading on his Instagram platform after he was arrested and beaten by the police is uncalled for, coupled with the insults he has been directing at his colleagues for not ‘fighting’ for him when the video of his beatings at the hands of the officers social media popped up on social media.

Salinko’s advise has angered Funny Face so much that he has predictably come out to give him a dose of his anger syrup with a mixture of ‘wo maame tw3’ laced into it. Funny says Salinko is a wife beater and a molester.

Watch the video below;

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