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Read Carefully and share to 5 Facebook groups

A young lady who was working as a domestic received a call one morning from her employer. The boss said , please don’t come to work. I have found your replacement. She cried a lot.

Because she knew that her family depended on her salary. After crying she was heard saying , the bible says , for I know the plans I have for. That gave her strength. She kneeled down. She prayed . She didn’t lose hope. She prayed every day. She prayed every morning. When God closes a door , he opens another one. One day when she was going around looking for a job , she met a young man , the man said , can you please come and help me at my office , my accountant didn’t come to work because she is relocating. So she didn’t give me any notice.

The girl said but Sir I’m just a house keeper I know nothing about office staff. The man said ,I will teach you everything. I will take you to school. This was a dream come true for this young lady. Moral of the Story , GOD can lift you up from Zero to HERO only if you believe in him. Just type AMEN if you believe in God, he will change the story of your life for good.
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