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Priv@te video of Grand P ‘ch0pping’ his h£avy backside fiancee Eudoxie Yao hits online

Alleged private video featuring Ivorian model, Eudoxie Yao and his Guinean fiance Grand P is currently circulating on the web.

In the video that popped up, Grand P was seen in the video looking like an ant with his fiancee Eudoxie Yao looking like 10 cedis B foster bread doing it and as usual, it went viral just minutes after it surfaced online.

The African Kim Kardashian says she is the victim of sabotage. “I don’t know the reasons why some people divulged this into believing it’s me. It’s just gratuitous nastiness to smear my image, my reputation and my
integrity, ” she denounced.

Eudoxie Yao has announced legal proceedings against those responsible for this rumor. “Those who did this will be prosecuted. I’ll complain. I will not leave this time. Too much is too much, ” she added.

As for Grand P, who recently announced his candidacy for the presidential election in Guinea, he has not yet pronounced on this affair.

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