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Nurse reportedly sacked and deported for praying for dying patient in the UK

A Nigerian nurse has reportedly been fired and deported from the UK after being reported for praying for a dying patient.

According to popular Twitter doctor Dr. Olufunmilayo, who shared the incident on social media, the nurse was found guilty of praying for a patient, which is deemed unacceptable in the UK health system.

e explained that it is considered unethical for health workers or caregivers to bring religion into their job. He added that even if a patient requests a nurse to pray for them, it is advisable for the nurse to invite a priest or cleric to perform the prayer instead of doing it themselves.

Nigerian nurse reportedly sacked

He shared the story online to warn Nigerian health workers relocating to the UK against praying for patients to avoid facing a similar fate.

Read his full tweet below,

“I just read the sad story of a Nigerian who came to uk employed by an agency to work as a carer for elderly people.

She was assigned to care for an elderly patient who was dying and she was reported for “praying for the client to get better”.

Yeah. She got sacked and deported.

For those expressing shock at the sack and deportation, let me explain further.

As a health worker/carer in uk, it is unethical to involve religion or impose your religious views on patients/clients.

It’s seen as abuse of trust and misuse of your position. You are expected to simply do your job and focus on your job.

Even IF the patient/client were to bring up a religious conversation, you should refer them to speak with a pastor, chaplain, imaam, cleric or any religious figure.

As a health worker;
You should not be engaging in religious activities with a patient/client.

If you get reported to the appropriate authorities, you can lose your job. Many times, this also means you lose your sponsorship and visa to remain in the country.

Remember your visa to stay in the country as a worker is tied to your employment. If you lose your employment- you will lose your stay in the country.

Except of course you find another job and employer- but in these kind of circumstances surrounding the sack- you may struggle to find another employer.

This is why I’m using this avenue to help create some awareness regarding this situation- especially for any Nigeria attempting to come to uk or already in uk as a health worker or carer.

Please leave your religion out of your professional work space.

They will sack you here.”

Read his full tweet below