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‘Never Stop Being A Good Person No Matter How Bad Someone Else Treats You’


Oskido Believe has advised his fans and followers never to stop being good to others.

The renowned Mzansi music executive made this known in a recent social media post on his verified social media handle on Twitter.

The established musician stated that no matter how bad people are treated by others, they should never stop doing good.

According to him, how the others are doing to them show their reflection. The post he made reads;

“Never stop being a good person no matter how bad someone else treats you. Who they are is a reflection of them not you.”

In an earlier post he made, he urged his fans and followers to distant themselves from negatives at a point.

According to him, energy is contagious and in order to remain positive, you must do everything to protect your own.

His post reads;

“Sometimes we have to distance ourselves from negativity. Energy is contagious, and to remain positive, we have to protect our own.”

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