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Mother poisons her two children to death at Tema

A 28-year-old woman at Tema New Town has been arrested after she poisoned her two children to death.

The children aged 3 and one-half years were killed with rat poison on Wednesday night 29th July 2020 and she confessed the following morning to her neighbors.

According to a young man, Eric who reported the news to Adom News, the lady used to say the children were a burden to her.

She even announced she will kill them with poison but they never took it seriously because she is a mentally stable person

“The lady rushed out of the room after killing the children to tell us what she had done,” he stated.

“She always told us about plans to poison the children but we didn’t take it seriously because she is mentally stable,” he said.

People in at Tema New Town in the Greater Accra Region wanted to lynch her but the police intervened.

Currently, the bodies of the children have been deposited at the Morgue and the suspect is in police custody.


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