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Massive Flooding hit Accra, Kasoa after hours of downpour; roads cut off, properties submerged [Video]

The torrential rainfall that hit Accra and its environs in the early hours of Saturday has brought untold hardship to people living in water-logged areas with poor or no drainage systems.

Videos making rounds on the internet give a very unfortunate account of massive rainwater that has overtaken the Accra stretch of the Kasoa-Accra highway.

The water has completely ripped the road apart as houses and cars are submerged in the running water. Individuals and people living in these areas are counting their losses as they look on with apprehension.

The havoc flooding causes in these areas especially at Kasoa Old Barrier is a known phenomenon but nothing has been done in the past years to avert the situation which has left residents with no option when the rains come down.

Social media has gone aghast at the level of water that is simply destroying everything in its way and are blaming leaders for sitting aloof and allowing the drainage system of many parts of the capital left unattended to.

Although the indiscipline of residents can be blamed for this kind of disasters, many believe the leadership of the country has failed Ghanaians which has consequentially left citizens to be swimming in rainwater every time it rains.

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