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Man grows br33asts after sleeping with someones wife [PHOTOS]

A man who refused to stop sleeping with a married woman after being warned by her husband has now landed in big trouble as he has started growing big sagging breast.

According to the report, the man has confessed to developing sagging breasts after ignoring the warning as he is now looking for a cure. He believes the husband of the woman he was sleeping with has decided to punish him through spiritual means.

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The man identified as James Mutua, 39, further revealed that the woman’s husband threatened that he would be taught a haunting lesson if he crossed the red line.

Mutua, one-time chef at a hotel in Westlands said that his services were terminated along with five others in early 2015 and shortly, he was selling fruits and vegetables within Westlands to sustain his family.

He now has breasts that looks exactly like a woman’s own which started developing since 2015 shortly after he started engaging in the act.

He explained that he felt an unusual sensation on his chest before the breasts grew, forcing him to wear a bra and over-sized jackets to hide the bulge. He however said that during the period he was cheating with the married woman, he was drunk and was lured into the act by the neighbors wife who had visited him before seducing him.

After the first encounter, the neighbour’s wife became aggressive and would pick him from work or even from his mother’s house for a romping session. But, doctors have said his condition might have been as a result of breast cancer or hormonal imbalance


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