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Man exp0ses a slay queen begging him ‘chop’ to her for an iPhone; l£aks their chats

A man has taken to social media to narrate a story of how slay queen who wants to give him pleasure in an exchange for iPhone on social media.

A lady has become the subject of ridicule on social media following the story of how she tried to pimp herself to a man because of an iPhone.

The lady (name withheld) slid into the DM of a man who was flaunting his iPhone on social media in a bid to persuade him to get her one.

After declaring her interest in owning such a phone, the lady proposed that the man should buy her one in exchange of him sleeping with her for two weeks.

According to the chats of the two which were leaked on social media by the man, the lady had suggested that she will spend two weeks in the guy’s house after which he will get her the phone.

When the man reminded her of how costly the phone was, the lady declared her willingness to do anything for the guy.

She further suggested that, to make sure that she will not run away after getting the phone, she will send her nude photos to the guy to keep and leak them anytime she flouted their agreement.

The guy then told the lady that he was not interested but she insisted that they should be friends which he obliged.

The girl then went ahead to tell the guy that she was still ready to come to if only she invited her.

Funnily, she concluded by saying that she wanted to come over in order to take pictures with the guy’s iPhone.




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