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Male customers have started proposing & now call me as early as 2 am to buy Gob3 – Gob3 seller with huge backside cries

Remember days ago, a video of a bean seller (gob3) with a huge backside who could compete with Hajia Bintu’s went viral online.

The lady in the video is heavily endowed and thus, attracts many customers to her joint especially men to buy gob3.

The video following its surface on the internet garnered mixed reactions.

Others thought if she capitalizes on her backside just like Hajia Bintu and uses social media wisely, she could make a fortune.

Well, the lady identified as Celestina Etornam has granted an interview and spoke shortly after she went viral in a video first uploaded by Blogger KingByGoneLIve.

Speaking on SVTV Africa, the viral gob3 seller revealed that men have started proposing to her with some also calling her at early as 2 am to buy gob3 from her.


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