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Lady Recounts How She Was Saved By Hoodlums By A Guy


A South African lady identified as Makhosazana Khosi Malunga as shared her encounter with a South African gentleman named Kagiso.

She stated that she was walking back home from work when he felt that someone had held on his hand and then she became frightened.

Then she heard the person whisper to her saying relax and act normal the guys beh ind you are acting suspicious and I think they want to rob you or hurt you.

This guy then asked her to just act like I know him adding that she was scared but she kept walking with Kagiso until they realized the guys were no longer there.

She added that this guy walked with her till he was convinced that she was at a safe zone and went ahead to advise her to be always vigilant especially in the evening.

“South Africans are the best people ever I promise you 🤞… I lost my job but by grace I found another one in 2 weeks later, because I was so determined to work for my 6 year old and 2 month old I would tirelessly walk to and from work for over 45 minutes although sometimes I get a lift so on Tuesday evening I had an encounter with a kind gentleman Kagiso, I was walking back home from work when I felt someone hold my hand I panicked he said “relax and act normal, the guys that I’ve been walking behind are acting suspicious I think the want to rob you or hurt you so just act like you know me” as scared as I was kept walking with him when I looked back the guys who were behind me were no longer there, Kagiso walked with me until we were sure that I’m safe and he told me to be always vigilant when I walk home especially in the evening #i‘m staying because of Kagiso if it wasn’t for him I probably wouldn’t have made it back home alive he risked his safety for a total stranger,” she wrote.

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