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Lady blasted for releasing video of her bathing without clothes

A lady have been reportedly blasted for releasing a video on the internet. Releasing a video is not really the issue but the kind of video she uploaded had caused a backlash for her.

The lady had reportedly taken to her social media account to share a video where she can be seen bathing right in her bathroom without any clothes on.

I’m the video, which was later uploaded on some big and popular website, the lady can be seen in her bathroom bathing naked.

At a point, the lady can be seen dancing and twerking right inside her bathroom. This act of hers has resulted in various hot reactions from internet users both ale and female.

One internet user who seems to be really angry at seeing the video said: “you are a total disgrace to humanity for showing off your entire body to the whole world.”

Another user said: “… Exactly how much will you be paid for this, d you really think it’s worth it.”

One other user, replying to the former user said: “she is probably not doing it for money I guess she is doing it for fame, satisfaction, fun and attention ”

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