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Ladies Tear Each Other Apart In Beauty Salon After They Realized They Were Dating The Same Guy [Watch]

A video capturing the moment two ladies were involved in a serious physical fight in a beauty salon has gone viral.

The unidentified ladies made a mess in the place as they dirtied themselves and continue to brutally assault each other in the presence of the owner who seems to be in utmost shock with those around completely baffled.

All efforts to separate the two ladies proved futile. One tore the clothes of the other almost leaving her completely naked.

It remains a mystery as to what triggered the fight in the first place but from all indications, one could tell that it is because of a man.

The video sparked reactions from some social media users who heavily criticized the attitude exhibited by the two ladies all over a man. They believed that they should have settled the matter in a calm way instead of stooping so low like disgracing themselves in public.

Others were really enjoying the whole drama ensuing and even asked for the full video clip. The rest advised them to “continually manage the guy between themselves to avoid 3rd girlfriend influx”

See Video Below:




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