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La Borrow!! AMG Medikal Exposed For Taking An Outfit From A Stylist Without Paying (Video)

Samuel Adu Frimpong, popularly known in the entertainment circles Medikal has been exposed for allegedly taking an outfit for a video shoot without the consent of the stylist.

According to switchfocus on Instagram, Medikal took the outfit without informing the stylist. The whole issue has currently left the stylist in total shock as to why Medikal would carry out such an act regarding the king of person he is and the brand he has built for himself. Switchfocus in breaking the news took to its official Instagram page and shared a video of Medikal in the outfit with caption;

”Sammy you’ve deleted this video cos you know s33 me nsa aka info no….why did you take this outfit home without telling the stylist? Stylist no y3 obia I’ve worked with and from our chat last night he was still shocked that you did such a thing……well just so you know he told MzVee about it cos it was her video you guys were working on….knowing MzVee me y3 sure paa she called you…..heeeeer go and give the outfit to the stylist Sammy 3nny3 saa la wu ooo 🙄🙄🙄….me la get evidence….la go show when la fool”




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