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Kennedy Agyapong Threatens To Expose Popular Ghanaian Archbishop Who Is GAY And Pimps Prostitutes Outside

Maverick politician and businessman, Kennedy Agyapong has disclosed that he is set to release fire on some bishops in the nation who hide under the pretext of being men of God to carry out Homosexual acts.

The host of Net2 Hot Seat program, Kwaku Annan revealed that Kennedy Agyapong has taken his investigation to Ghanaian bishops and will unleash fire in the coming weeks on them. He said they are poised to expose all the pastors who are false teachers and pretenders.

The host of the the program, Kwaku Annan said:

“All these bishops who think they are untouchable in the country should watch out. Even Popes are being talked about and how much more a mere Ghanaian bishop. You call yourself an archbishop. You refer to yourself as papa. We shall see. Just brace yourselves.”

“You pay flight tickets for people to go overseas and practice prostitution. These bishops pimp ladies to their clients outside the country and get their cut; yet mount pulpits and open the bible to preach.”

“Another pastor who is a board chair to an insurance company has a private company which imports tobacco and cigarettes into the country. There is also this well-respected Ghanaian archbishop who once went to preach against homosexuality in South Africa, not knowing his gay partner attends that church and the whole service resulted in chaos.” he added.


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