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Just Like #Kency: See Videos of All Luxury Cars at White Wedding of Cindy Ofori Sarpong and Richard (watch Video)

Cindy Ofori Sarpong, daughter of Special Ice owner, Dr Ernest Ofori Sarpong, has gone off the market.
Cindy has tied the knot with her fiance, Richard Peprah, in a beautiful white wedding on Saturday, October 10, 2020.

As exclusively reported by Nsemwokrom.com, Cindy and Richard’s church wedding is being held at the Presbyterian Church of Ghana at North Kaneshie in Accra.

The white wedding completes a marriage ceremony which had been started with a traditional wedding.

The traditional wedding which was held on Thursday, Ocotber 8, 2020, was a big and plush event with many prominent Ghanaian personalities present.

Just like the traditional wedding, Saturday’s white wedding was also a plush event which saw a show of wealth.

Being an event organised by Ofori Sarpong and his business associate turned brother, Osei Kwame Despite, there was a very high chance that luxury cars were going to be displayed. An it turned out exactly so.

Videos sighted by Africanshowbizz.com have shown luxury cars of Ofori Sarpong and Despite that were unleashed on the roads for their daughter’s wedding.

Meanwhile, a video has popped up showing the couple’s first kiss after taking their marital vows in church

Prior to the video of the couple’s first kiss, Nsemwokrom.com reported on videos which popped up online showing the first scenes at the wedding.

While the bride was walked down the aisle by her father, Dr Ernest Ofori Sarpong, the groom, Richard Peprah, arrived with his mother

Earlier, a video from the traditional wedding wedding as popped up showing the load of dowry items Richard Peprah presented to Cindy’s family.

The video of Cindy’s dowry items has stirred a lot of reactions among social media. While many have been impressed, others have described it as too much.




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