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Jupitar to sign young talented dancehall kids, Roqarvibes?

A couple of weeks ago the Ghanaian social media space was awash with videos of three kids whose ragga freestyles caught the attention of the public. The trio is aged 11,12 and 13 years and is based in Tema.

Roqarvibes as their group is named has made appearances on various media platforms to showcase their talent to the world. They even appeared on the prestigious TV3’s Friday night entertainment program, Showbiz 360 hosted by Giovanni Caleb.

Their talent and how well they vibe together have endeared them to many a music lover. When it comes to talent, Ghana has never lacked. The problem is how these talents are support to be able to make it to the top. Awal and Tutulapato are some of the kids with amazing talent who faded out in a short space of time.

Well, Roqarvibes has caught the eyes of the industry’s big guns including dancehall act, Jupitar who has expressed interest in working with the kids. In a tweet, the singer shared a photo of the trio, asking whoever knows them to link him to them.

We can’t authoritatively tell the reason he wants to meet with the amazing kids, but there are two plausible options available. Either he wants to record a song with them or he wants to sign them to his Empire Thugs Family record label.




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