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Jacuzzi : SA actor Sthembiso Khoza’s $£x Party vide0s l£aked online [Watch]

South African actor, SK Khoza’s charecter on the Queen is infamous for being a womaniser and tweeps are starting to think that personal is spilling into his real life

The are some videos surfaced on social media where he is seen in the company of three unclad ladi£s in what looks like a house party.


In the videos, “The Queen” star is seen dancing at an alleged s£* party that broke lockdown rules.

While the actor dances and walks around the room, unclothed wom£n walk around and dance with him while holding drinks in their hands.

The videos saw #Shaka trend all weekend (the name of the popular character SK plays on “The Queen”) with many social media users shocked by the contents of the video.


The videos have shook many and one wonders if it won’t ruin his reputation and jeopardize his career especially considering the fact that he recently made his triumphant resurrection on The Queen after leaving the show.

We would have loved to upload the videos for our cherished readers but it’s against our policies. But the reality is that this video is not really hard to find since it began trending on all the social media platforms. Just log on and you will find it with ease…wink

Better still Click HERE to watch




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