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“I’ve dated 150 Guys And Only 4 Wanted S#x, The Rest Wanted My Boobs”



Self-acclaimed Ghanaian queen of boobs, Queen Paticia has revealed she has dated 150 guys in her life.

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Speaking at an interview with SVTV where she gave a piece of detailed information and how she came about her huge boobs.

She spoke of it as being a distraction and a mess to her in the past as it affected her love life. Apparently, she had to break up with her first boyfriend who had issues with her figure.


The next relationships she had were unbelievable, most of the guys wanted to have fun with her boobs only. She recounted dating a guy who was only interested in her boobs and never had a taste of her honeypot.

Paticia claims she has dated over 150 guys who have all seen her nakedness but never had sex with them. According to her, only 10 out of the 150 were in a serious relationship with her.

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