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It’s Normal To Have Erection Whiles Acting A Romantic Scene: I Once Had An Experience-Akrobeto

Kumawood ace actor and now TV personality, Kwasi Boadi, well known in the entertainment circles as Akrobeto has shared the experience he once had when acting a romantic scene during his early days in the movie industry.

He stated that, it could have been a disgrace for him if the crew members had seen the ‘situation’, so he deliberately got stuck in a ‘pool’ where the scene was shot till his ‘joystick’ cooled down before coming out.

“When I first entered the movie industry, it was Miracle Films who cast me and due to the luxury at his expense, he asked me to be in a swimming pool with some ladies, seeing the ladies in their bikini, in fact, I got worried.

I got stranded in the pool after the Director said cut because I had erected and it would have been a disgrace for me if I had left the water immediately. I deliberately bathed in the water till I lost erection.”

Akrobeto, shared this experience during his Friday Night show on UTV duded ‘The Real News’. He said he no longer gets turned on since he is now used to the movie industry, adding that controlling himself on set has become an easy task for him now.

“It’s true that we are acting but we are human. As a man, when you get caught up in something like that you can’t control but when you do it regularly you get used to it. Now I no longer get an erection when acting even when I’m naked on a movie set,” he said.

The experienced actor said this in relations to a news that broke out over the week when his colleague actor in the movie industry, Salinko, revealed how he got erected when acting a romantic scene with actress Vivian Jill Lawrence.




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