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‘It Is Immature To Suggest To Your Partner To Block People Because You Are Afraid You Might Lose Them To Such People’


He gave this advice in a recent post he made via his Facebook page which he titled, ‘GROW BEYOND BLOCKING CONTACTS ON YOUR PARTNER’S PHONE’ and it reads;

“There are people who believe once they are in a relationship with you, they own you, you are their invention, you are a piece of property they own. They want to dictate how to live your life instead of offering you lovely advice a friend or a lover will do.

Before they came into your life, you had people you talked to, people you hang around with. People you entertained. Besides that, you were not in a love relationship or intimate with those people, neither were you messing around with them. You had your boundaries and knew what you were doing as an adult and mature person.

But once your partner proposed to you and you accepted their proposal, they begun to order you around, dictate to you to the extent of telling you who to talk to and who not to. They treated you like you didn’t know your right from left. They treated you as a child all in the name of relationship. And when you complain, they think you have something to hide that is why you are fighting back.

Relationship is not for kids, or the immature so if you find someone to be immature don’t approach them with dating or marriage. If you don’t like the way they live their life, the kind of people they hang around with then don’t propose to them. If you do, you’ve got to understand the person’s life does not revolve around you alone. Allow them to live so they can share their life with you. Don’t isolate them from people, that is how you kill them. If you believe you are a good person in their life, let your fruit speak for you.

It is immature to suggest to them not to talk to some people because you are afraid you might lose them to such a person. You are free to voice out how you feel about their relationship or friendship with others but you don’t have any authority to order them to put a stop to such relationships. If you don’t feel comfortable about their relationship with others and after voicing your feelings, nothing changes, you are free to end the relationship you have with your partner.

It is immature to take their phone and block some contacts on their phone. You are over stepping your boundaries. Such decisions are not yours to make, you can only advice. People do that for the fear that the person they are blocking on the partner’s phone will have something to do with their partner. If your partner is a cheat and wants to cheat on you, blocking contacts on their phone won’t stop that. If you don’t trust them, do the honourable thing by ending the relationship.

It is immature to delete the contacts, image, video from your partner’s phone because you don’t like the people whose data remains on the phone. Be it their Ex or someone who showed interest in them, give the final decision to your partner. Don’t treat them like they are kids who don’t know what they are doing. If they being with you cannot take care of your insecurity then you need to see a Counselor as soon as possible.

When your partner agreed to your proposal, he or she knew what they were doing with you. If you believe she is too beautiful for you and you have to fight other men to keep her, without allowing her to make a decision on who she wants to be with, then I am sorry to tell you, you are with the wrong person. If you believe he is too handsome to be your man and the best way to keep him is by sacking all ladies around him without letting him choose who he wants to be with, then you are with the wrong man. Let him go so you can have your peace.

The foundation of a relationship and love is Trust. If you don’t trust your partner, you will find it hard to love them. You won’t accept them for who they are. You end up rejecting them and their love on a daily basis. Your partner will be happier to know you trust them than you love them, for when you have trust in the relationship, love can grow but love cannot grow without trust.

“Finally, all of you be like-minded [united in spirit], sympathetic, brotherly, kindhearted [courteous and compassionate toward each other as members of one household], and humble in spirit;” – 1 Peter 3:8 (AMP).”

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