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I’ll not reduce the size of my nose; I breathe easily – Akrobeto

Popular media personality and Kumawood actor Akrobeto has responded to suggestions that he should consider plastic surgery for his nose, stating that he sees no issue with its size.

On his Real News show on UTV, he addressed comments by Gospel artiste Celestine Donkor, who said she would rather invest in her soul than undergo plastic surgery.

Akrobeto confidently stated that he will not reduce the size of his nose, emphasizing that he breathes easily and has no intention of altering his appearance.

Responding to the comments made by Celestine Donkor, Akrobeto expressed his belief that everyone has the right to make personal choices regarding their appearance, and he respects her decision to prioritize inner growth over physical changes.

The actor’s firm stance on embracing his unique features has garnered support from fans and admirers who appreciate his authenticity and self-assurance.

As Akrobeto remains firm in his decision not to alter his nose, he continues to inspire others to embrace and celebrate their natural attributes, promoting self-confidence and self-acceptance.