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I Still Respect My Wife Despite Her Lies Against Me In Her Divorce Papers


Jubilee House communications director Eugen Arhin, who is in a divorce battle with his wife, said his wife, Gloria Assan Arhin, lied about the properties he owned and abused her.

In reaction to the request, Mr. Arhin revealed that he had not been given the petition, but he found it on social media, so he is waiting for an official service for his lawyer to respond.

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He believes that his wife posted the petition on social media to achieve a “certain effect”, but he will not be drawn into a joke with his wife because according to him, he cares about his children and values his wife’s dignity, Nonetheless.

“I have not yet been notified of these court proceedings and, once received, my attorneys will respond accordingly. Every marriage has challenges, and those challenges should not be addressed in the court of public opinion. I will not get involved, for the sake of my children and for the dignity of my wife, in any public joke. To the extent that many of the claims brought against me are unfounded and false, especially with regard to property and physical abuse, I will keep the peace and address them in Court of Justice”, he noted in a Facebook post


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