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“I Sleep With 7 Men A Day” – 18-Year-Old Girl Shares Her Story (Video)

An 18-year-old girl identified as Angela Amewu has narrated her horrifying story on how she sleeps with 7 men a day.

according to Angela on Oyerepa FM, her grandmother asked her to go and stay with her aunt who lives in Nigeria with her husband.

Angela stated that her aunty’s husband broke her virginity and licked the blood that came out and since then he sleeps with her anytime he gets the chance.

she revealed that they had 4 pregnancies and aborted 3 of which she run back to Ghana when she decided not to abort the 4th one.

the young lady further disclosed that since she was addicted to what her aunty’s husband was doing to her, she couldn’t stay without sex when she came to Ghana.

and since living with her grandmother was very difficult she entered into prostitution and sleeps with 7 men a day.

watch her in the video below;


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