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I Pay My Wife Gh50 Before Each Round Of S£x – Man Cries

People are going through hell in their marriages. The case of this man is, if he doesn’t pay his wife, there’s no way he’ll have s*x with her.

The woman charges GHC50.00 per round. The man said it all started during their honeymoon. He thought it’ll end there but to his utter surprise, he’s living with his nightmare on a daily basis.

He said if he doesn’t have money to pay for s*x, then it means his wife wouldn’t open her legs for him.

Being tired, the man contacted relationship counselor, David Papa Bondze-Mbir to please help him.

Read his full message below:

Hello Dave,
I have an issue. My wife is a follower of your page and for some reason she thinks all men are cheats and will cheat on their wives. We have been married for 3 years and she’s still of that opinion.

I keep reminding her that I am very satisfied and happy with only her in my life… But she doesn’t believe me. She says I will not cheat simply because I am unhappy, but because I will feel at a point that I can get away with it without her knowing.

Dave, I am reliable. I am responsible. I am very committed in this marriage and into her. I show up for her always. I strive to be good, Dave. But my wife still charges me Ghc 50 for every s*x we have at home.

Yes 000. After paying her bride price and marrying her at home and in church, I have to always have Ghc 50 on me if I want to have s*x her.

It started on our honeymoon. She wouldn’t let me touch her the evening of our wedding. At first, it was tiredness. That was her excuse. So I woke her up at dawn. She asked me to give her Ghc 50, I did, and the s*x was stupefying. Little did I know I was going to be paying for the rest of my f**king life.

I have been asking what she does with the money and she says she’s investing it in my future. She says, anytime I think of going in for a side chick, if I ever would rent a hotel room or an apartment for her to f**k, if I would ever give her money to f**k, if I would ever give her money to dress or look sharp, if I would give her money for payment of the s*x, I should remember to save it to rather pay her for an equally mind-blowing s*x.

There have been times I had no money on me and needed to get laid. Madam did not give me the p*ssy. I had to borrow Ghc 100 from a colleague to f**k her for two rounds that day. Dave, I am not happy.

I love my wife very much and I understand what she’s trying to teach me but I am not happy that she does not trust me. And Dave, I love s*x. I want more of it. But because I have to always pay, I am always planning and saving towards it.

At this moment, I can only afford two times in a week. But I want more. Can you beg my beautiful roommate to give me discount this 2020? Or even credit into the account? I want four times in a week, two sessions a day.
Help a brother this New Year.


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