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I Must Infect 99 Men With Gonorrhoea Before The End Of This Month’- Slay Queen Vows

A Slay Queen has vowed to infect 99 men with gonorrhea before the end of this month and surely she is going to do it.

The lady says she’s embarking on this adventure to avenge a painful ordeal she suffered at the hands of her boyfriend she dated some time back.

The slay queen whose name has not been established yet said her boyfriend took away her pride, got her infected when they had slept.

According to the slay queen, the boy infected her without any warning from him which is callous on his part.

So her mission is to give the disease back to all sons of Adam- from the very same source where she got hers.

From what she is saying, she is so ready to undertake the adventure without any regrets whatsoever.

The post she made on social media has attracted several missed reactions from users of the platform who chanced on the post.




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