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I didn’t know British people slaughter rams to perform rituals

The funeral ceremony of the longest ruling Monarch, Queen Elizabeth II has been ongoing and some media houses have been able to show excerpts of the ceremony.

A Plus on a Facebook page has stated that the funeral and burial ceremony of Queen Elizabeth II has shown Africans to uphold their culture and tradition. This comment from A Plus comes after a video from the funeral ceremony of late Queen Elizabeth popped up with one of the soldiers carrying a ram to be slaughtered as part of the ceremonial activities.


According to A Plus, the White has always fooled Africans for many years; trying to trash the culture and tradition of the people of Africa.

in his words, he wrote:

“After the death of the queen and the display of British culture that followed, I’ve realized how we have been fooled for many years. I’ve decided to spend more time promoting my own people. I don’t care if they are Ewe, Ashanti, Ga, Dagati, Frafra, Fante, or whatever. We must preserve our culture too.”

“I didn’t know that British people slaughter a ram to perform rituals until the queen died. Herrrh!!” A Plus ended.

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